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About The Montage Maker

Todd Helmrich began video productions of weddings and bar mitzvahs back in the mid 80’s, using video cameras the size of a large toaster oven. Back then, the company was called TLC Video Productions, and Todd and his team of videographers created some very ahead-of-their-time videos.

After nearly 20 years in various roles at ESPN and ABC, Todd returned to his roots and has added video montages for bar mitzvahs, weddings and other events back to his portfolio.

The Early Days of Video Montages

MSJ Marketing & Communications

The Montage Maker is a brand within MSJ Marketing & Communications, a business marketing agency specializing in helping businesses attract and speak to customers to drive revenue.

Created in 2012, MSJ Marketing & Communications introduced The Montage Maker brand in 2017.

Why The Montage Maker Was Created

A friend had her son’s Bar Mitzvah coming up and, in researching producers of bar mitzvah montages, couldn’t find anyone who seemed interested in creating a truly personal video. She was told time and time again to put her pictures in the order she wanted them and send the files over.

As a broadcast experienced producer, I knew that wasn’t producing a video – it was simply assembling one. My interest in creating these types of videos was reignited and The Montage Maker was born!

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