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Bat Mitzvah Montage Videos

We'll capture the love and joy from your daughter's birth up to her Bat Mitzvah celebration in a beautiful video you'll treasure forever.

We Create The Perfect Bat Mitzvah Video Montage

The Montage Maker creates the best Bat Mitzvah montage videos you’ll find anywhere.

We custom edit the video to your music selection, bringing out the emotion and joy of watching your daughter from birth to the Bat Mitzvah bimah.

What Do Bat Mitzvah Montage Videos Look Like?

Typically, the Bar Mitzvah montage video lasts between 8 and 10 minutes, and consists of four or five segments, each with their own music and personality brought together in a video that manages to be both emotional and fun at the same time.

We’ll work with you to create montage “segments” – each one covering a different aspect of your daughter’s journey to becoming a Bat Mitzvah.

Segments might include one or more of the the following:

Icon Of Baby Girl

Birth / Baby

From the Hospital and the first year, this section brings on the “ahhs” from the crowd!

Icon Of Kids Jumping Rope

Toddler / Childhood

Preschool to the Bat Mitzvah day, this section relives the fun times and silly faces of growing up.

Icon Of Husband, Wife And Child


It’s always the tear-jerker, seeing your daughter with her cousins, grandparents, aunts, uncles and you!

Icon Of Two Kids Playing


This brings the biggest cheers from the crowd, it’s your daughter with friends and siblings.

What Our Work Looks Like

Sample Montage Segments

See more montage samples in our video gallery

Contact us now to get started on your Bat Mitzvah montage video.

What Does It Cost?

Custom Video Package

Build Your Custom Montage Package!

Additional Services/Features:

Custom Scripts
Unlimited segments
Unlimited pictures / videos / music
Additional special effects
Logo for your event
Logo Animation

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