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Event Planner Services

We partner with some of the nations top event and party planners delivering custom montages to elevate events hassle free.

We Create The Perfect Mitzvah Video Montage

Let us become your in-house montage production team.

Our “white label” service seamlessly integrates us as part of your team, or The Montage Maker can be your trusted vendor.

Why Team Up With The Montage Maker?

Our videos are truly unique and are perfect events where quality matters.

We don’t have up-charges, revision fees or photo/video limits of any kind. We work to ensure the video is the perfect compliment to your event.

The Montage Maker has been creating videos since 2017. Prior to that, Executive Producer Todd Helmrich spent 20 years at ESPN and ABC Sports, which is why our videos have a “broadcast quality” feel.

Every Video is Custom Made

We edit music and videos specifically for your client, making their montage truly one-of-a-kind!

You'll Love Working With Us

We’re responsive and easy to work with so you can focus on other aspects of your event.

We Enhance Every Photo

We color correct, upscale and photoshop images to remove distractions, brighten colors and to create crisp, HD videos.

Easy Revisions & Notes

Our client portal allows you and/or your client review rough cuts and easily submit notes – or, we take feedback on the phone or email too.

What Our Work Looks Like

Sample Montage Segments

Visit our gallery for dozens of montage samples

Contact us now to discuss how we can work together to create beautiful montages.

What Does It Cost?

Custom Video Package

Build Your Custom Package!

Additional Services/Features:

Logo loops for venue monitors
Custom scripting
Entrance videos
Logo for your event (work with our graphic designer!)
Logo Animation

ABOUT PRICING: Unlike other producers, we do not charge per picture or video included in your montage. We use as many as we can based on the music selection and what’s in your photos/videos. The only additional charges are for logo animation (if desired), or if your video is being created through an intermediary such as a family assistant, chief of staff, party planner, etc.

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