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Bar Mitzvah Montage Videos

Our one-of-a-kind montages capture the love and excitement of your son's journey from crib to Bar Mitzvah in a joyful video you'll treasure forever.

We Produce The Perfect Bar Mitzvah Video Montage

The Montage Maker’s national network experience gives us the tools and skills to create the some of the best Bar Mitzvah montage videos available.

We custom edit to your music selection, a series of video segments taking your guests on a fast-paced trip of your son from birth to the Bar Mitzvah bimah.

What Do Bar Mitzvah Montage Videos Look Like?

Typically, the Bar Mitzvah montage video lasts between 4 and 8 minutes, and consists of three or four segments, each with its own music and “feel” brought together in a video that will have both grandma and his friends cheering!

We’ll work with you to create montage “segments” – each one covering a different aspect of your son’s journey to becoming a Bar Mitzvah.

Segments might include one or more of the the following:

Birth / Baby

From his first days through the first years, this segment will have them all saying, “he’s so cute!”

Toddler / Childhood

Preschool to the Bar Mitzvah day, this segment relives the fun times and silly faces of growing up.


Featuring grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and you! Mom never has dry eyes after watching!


The crowd goes crazy for this one! It’s your son with his friends and siblings to his favorite song of all!

What Our Work Looks Like

Sample Bar Mitzvah Montage Segment

See more montage samples in our video gallery

Let's Get Started!

Give us a call or send a note and we’ll get started on your project today!

What Makes Us Unique?
Just About Everything!

The best way to understand how we are different is to give us a call.

But in addition to the magic we work on every single picture in your Bar Mitzvah montage, we also offer a service that we believe is unrivaled in the market. Once you compare The Montage Maker to others, you’ll understand why our exclusive client base also includes some of the nation’s top event and party planners.

Discretion & Privacy

You are sharing precious and personal family moments with us. We never disclose any client information or imagery without consent to press, bloggers and the like. Our agreement includes an NDA ensuring your privacy.

Unlimited Revisions

We work with you until your video is exactly perfect. Nothing short of that will do. Sometimes we nail it on the first try. Other times it takes several revisions — we’ll work as long as it takes.

No Limit to Pictures

The number of pictures we use in your Bar Mitzvah montage depends on the music selected. We use the number of pictures that best fits the music and the story we are telling. There are never any additional fees for “too many” photos.

Custom Edited Soundtrack

Every song is carefully reedited to make sure the best parts are in your video. Every song comes to a proper conclusion, we don’t simply cut the music and move on to the next. We’re pretty sure no one else in the industry does that!

We Put Your Pictures in Order

Many producers require you to number your images 1, 2, 3 … for the order they will appear. We don’t do that because the story in your Bar Mitzvah montage is directed by the music and the images used. The placement of faces in the image and “feel” of each shot are part of how we tell your story.

Shared Viewing & Reviews

Using our viewing and approval platform, we’ll watch your montage video with you in real-time to review everything frame-by-frame. Our viewer allows us to easily take shared notes and create a checklist of requests and edits.

Every Image is Cleaned & Color Corrected

Every single picture we use in your video is run through our multi-point enhancement process using some of the most advanced technology and artistry available. You can see some great examples of this work in the section below on this web page.

We Work on Your Schedule

You are busy, no doubt! The Montage Maker will accommodate your schedule and work with you when it is most convenient – weekends and evenings included!

3D Effects, Transitions & Animations

There’s no extra charge for effects, and we don’t over use them. Some other producers rely on images flipping, zooming, sliding etc as a crutch to avoid building your montage to the music and custom for you. Many look like a special effects machine spit out the videos! We let the pictures tell the story. The smiles, the eyes, the happy faces. We artfully use full-screen images because, after all, that’s what you want to see!

Truly Custom Edited Videos

We start each video from scratch. We cut the soundtrack and then build out animation packages that fit the music and feel of the montage segment. Other producers do it the other way around. They use a pre-built template and simply drop in your photos and lay down a sound track. That’s why they can turn your video around with just a few hours work.

Unlimited Videos

We love using short video clips in your montage. You’ll never pay extra for that!


Have a cute little video or story you want to tell? We’ll create an interstitial, a mini-segment in between segments to share your captured moments.

What Makes Us Unique?
We Fix EVERY Picture.

Not every picture comes out the way you had hoped, but that’s OK because we fix EVERY picture! Use the image sliders below to see the magic we work on the images used in our Bar Mitzvah montages.

There is no extra charge for image clean-up and other photo work, it’s what we do to create the absolute best montage for you!

And we’ll also send you a file with the pictures we worked on so you can keep them in your personal photo collection.

AI Photo Clean-Up & Red Eye Repair

We use the latest AI technology to de-noise and enhance photos. This allows us to take pictures you may have thought were unusable and make them perfect for your video!

And of course, we never let the dreaded red-eye into your montage video.

Use the slider to see a real-life before and after clean up of Woody.

Color Correction

The colors in your pictures may be a bit out of whack. But that’s no problem for us!

We color correct every picture we use in your Bar Mitzvah montage.

Take a look at this little swimmer before and after we fix his color.

Distraction Removal

Have a great picture but the background is distracting? Yes, we fix that too!

From photo-bombers (intentional or not!) to signs, garbage cans or anything that takes away from your great picture – we’ll remove it from the image so your star can shine!

While we were working on this picture, we also made the sky blue.

Up-scaling Images

Some of your pictures are just too small to show on a large screen. The Montage Maker can fix that!

In this example, we’ve taken a picture saved at 480×640 pixels and upscaled it to 1920×2560, making it look crisp and great in HD.

What Does It Cost?

Custom Video Package

Build Your Custom Montage Package!

Additional Services/Features:

Custom Scripts
Unlimited segments
Unlimited pictures / videos / music
Additional special effects
Logo for your event

ABOUT PRICING: Unlike other producers, we do not charge per picture or video included in your montage. We use as many as we can based on the music selection and what’s in your photos/videos. The only additional charges are for logo animation (if desired), or if your video is being created through an intermediary such as a family assistant, chief of staff, party planner, etc.

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